Packaging consists of:

  • The CTC logo is in a kid written font with the colors of purple, green, blue, and red. In the logo, the colors for each letter are:
    • In the word "Cinnamon", "C" is purple, "i" is blue, "the first "n" is green, the second "n" is red, "a" is purple, "m" is blue, "o" is red, and the third "n" is green.
    • In the word "Toast", "T" is green, "o" is purple, "a" is red, "s" is green, and the second "t" is blue.
    • In the word "Crunch", "C" is blue, "r" is purple, "u" is green, "n" is red, "c" is blue, and "h" is purple.


  • 1988, the three bakers, named Wendell, Bob and Quello, replaced the Toast and Cinnamon shaker.


Ctc box2

Box featuring free Tootsie Roll (1991).


Ctc box3

Later box with General Mills Whole Grain label (2004).


Ctc box4

Packaging consists of:

  • The CTC logo now jazzed up. Plus, the "i" in "Cinnamon" has a dot.
  • A cinnamon scent tornado twirling all the CTC.
  • Near the tornado, we see Wendell doing the same pose from the previous packaging holding with tray of bread, except there is a drop shadow behind him.
  • "REAL CINNAMON & SUGAR in EVERY BITE!", arched, is put next to Wendell.
  • Depending on the box sizes and demensions, the number of ounces is different in the net weight byline. They include:
    • "NET WT 12.8 OZ (362g)" (shown above)


  • 2009-present: The "Crave Those Crazy Squares" campaign was launched, replacing the "The Taste You Can See" campaign. The Crazy Squares mascots are still in tandem with Wendell. Each commercial is entirely in CGI. A white background is used where the 2008 version of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch box and a blue empty bowl. In the bowl we find one, two, or more CTC piece(s) with faces and tiny semicircles below them for feet. After the squares' actions, an announcer says "It's all that cinnamon and sugar that makes those crunchy little squares so irrisistable. Cinnamon Toast Crunch, part of a complete breakfast. Crave those crazy squares."
  • 2010: All CTC commercials stopped using the footage of the milk pouring in the CTC as frame A, and the spoon lifting it up as frame B; they started using that footage circa 1996.
  • 2011-present: The new footage in CTC commercials is still in live action form, with the cereal being poured in the bowl as frame A, and the milk pouring the CTC as frame B.
  • 2012: Frosted Toast Crunch was introduced as the third Toast Crunch variety. It is a follow up of the original Cinnamon and the now discontinued French Toast. To see what the packaging looks like, click the cereal name.
  • 2012: Cinnamon Toast Crunch Treats was introduced as part of General Mills' "Treats" product list (as their version of Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats), along with Cocoa Puffs Treats, Lucky Charms Treats and Golden Grahams Treats. To see what the packaging looks like, click the said product name.
  • Early 2013: Peanut Butter Toast Crunch was re-introduced as a second generation of PBTC. The commercial featured the crazy squares riding on peanut butter to turn themselves into the PBTC. One square at the end gets close to the screen and utters "Peanut butta!". To see what the packaging looks like, click the cereal name.

December 31, 2013-present, 2014 (tenative)Edit

Packaging consists of:

  • The General Mills logo remains intact without the blue banner.
  • The cinnamon scent tornado swirl is already there.
  • The CTC logo has the yellow square deleted. Also, it is streched vertically.
  • Two of the crazy squares appear in the packaging.

About this packaging:

  • This packaging was unveiled a GM commercial with a few of the Big G kid cereals. The packaging has the crazy squares instead of Wendell. The packaging was first shown in that commercial along with Cheerios, Lucky Charms (which had also changed packaging and was unveiled also), Rice Chex, and Honey Nut Cheerios.
  • This packaging is also used in Chocolate Toast Crunch, the fifth Toast Crunch variety. The first four were Cinnamon (the main one introduced in 1984), French Toast (introduced in 1995, discontinued in 2006), Frosted (introduced in 2012), and Peanut Butter (introduced in 2004, reintroduced in 2013).

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