Lucky Charms is a mixed toasted oat and marshmallow cereal by General Mills, introduced in 1964. The cereal's mascot is Lucky the Leprechaun, or simply Lucky, whose litany has eight charms that represent the cereal's marshmallows. In 1991, Lucky Charms made its Nestle debut (in 1989 General Mills and Nestle merged forming Cereal Partners Worldwide) in the UK, France and Italy. Between 2003 and 2015, the kids that catch Lucky are Agnes, Manny and Corwin.


Though this is the first package, the bowl of the cereal is shown.

Lucky made his first appearance on boxes in 1965.


The Lucky Charms logo is redesigned, and Lucky is jumping in the air and raising his spoon.


Same as before, only Lucky is revised this time.


  • 1987: Swirled whale marshmallows were introduced for a limited time. These marshmallows are white whales with red and blue swirls.


Packaging consists of:

  • Lucky sitting on the cereal name.
  • A rainbow with the marshmallows riding it.


  • 1989: Red balloon marshmallows were added.
  • 1991: Lucky Charms were introduced by Nestle in the UK. That packaging is the same as the one in the US, except the General Mills logo is replaced with the Nestle logo, which is the word "Nestle" in Helvetica font with the right hand vertical of the "N" extended over the other letters and an accent on the second "e".
  • 1992: Doug Preis is the voice of Lucky after Arthur Anderson retired as the voice of Lucky.
  • 1992: Rainbow marshmallows are added. The box has "NET WT 14 OZ (396 grams)" on it.
  • 2009: The packaging was re-introduced as a retro packaging, which can be available at Target.


Same as before, except Lucky is revised and the cereal name he's sitting on has a drop shadow.


Packaging consists of:

  • "Lucky Charms" placed on the top of the box.
  • Lucky has his hand stroking a rainbow, where the marshmallows are riding it.


A rainbow shoots down the Lucky Charms logo and into the bowl, with Lucky is smiling to the audience aside from it.

In 1999, the special-edition man in the moon package showed Lucky as an astronaut.

July 2003-2008Edit

The Lucky Charms name is jazzed up, with the "y" leaving a rainbow trail. Lucky makes an arched rainbow displaying all eight of his magical charms.

At the time of the box design's first appearance, Lucky Charms promoted marshmallows that were increased in size. After 2004, the "They're Magically Delicious!" slogan replaced the Bigger Marshmallows caption.


Between these years, no standard package was introduced.

June 2008 saw the release of the hourglass charm.


Lucky is facing down at the cereal. He has his right hand out and makes a rainbow turn into milk, with all eight charms on the rainbow trail. Accompanying him is the slogan, "They're Magically Delicious!"

In 2013, a St, Patrick's Day edition which included green shamrocks as marshmallows portrayed a green background with Lucky jumping in the air. This special edition variety, along with its box design, returned in 2014 to commemorate the cereal's 50th anniversary.


Lucky is joyfully making an arched rainbow, displaying his eight magical charms, and facing upward at the cereal logo. This box design is similar to the one from 2003.

On special variety packages, Lucky was badly redesigned and photoshopped. This design of him first appeared on Five New Clover Hats in December 2014, where he grinned, leaned against the bowl and had blue, purple, orange, yellow and green hats, all stacked on his regular green hat.

2015-2017 Edit

Lucky, still making an arched rainbow displaying his eight charms, is now redesigned, joyfully facing the audience and jumping in the air. The cereal logo is redesigned as well.

2017-present Edit

The design of Lucky on the package is reverted back to the one from 2014, only facelifted. Once again, he is making an arched rainbow displaying his eight magical charms.

The standard box first appeared on General Mills' "Good Stars With G" commercial in June 2017. At this time, the cereal promoted three new rainbows, whose package shows lucky riding on three different tri-colored rainbows that inspired the actual marshmallows. He is smiling at the audience and raising three fingers up.

As part of General Mills' Rube Goldberg Machine Cut-Out promotion in January 2018, Lucky faced upward at a Rube Goldberg-inspired contraption releasing his marshmallow charms. This was the last promotional Lucky Charms package to feature the hourglass.

In February 2018, the hourglass charm was replaced with a unicorn head charm. The package featured a rainbow extending out of the bowl with a purple/blue-haired unicorn standing next to it and Lucky using his magic to show off the marshmallow.