Lucky Charms is a mixed toasted oat and marshmallow cereal, and a product by General Mills, introduced in 1964. The cereal's mascot is Lucky the Lepruchaun, who lives in the Magical Forest, and is of Irish nationallity. He has eight charms in his Litany, which are also the marshmallows in the cereal. In 1991, Lucky Charms made its Nestle debut (in 1989 General Mills and Nestle megred forming Cereal Partners Worldwide) in the UK, France and Italy. Beginning in 2003, the kids that catch Lucky are Agnes, Manny and Corwin.


  • All the Lucky Charms boxes have a red background.
  • The info of the cereal was taken from, where you can find all the Big G Kid Cereals.


The "G" and "General Mills" in the triangle is blue in this packaging. The rest of the pakcaging consists of:

  • The words "Lucky Charms" in yellow and in Times New Roman font.
  • A bowl of the charms. The very first four marshmallows were orange stars, green four leaf clovers, yellow moons, and pink hearts, like what Lucky said in the commercials.
  • "Goodness IN TOASTED OATS AND MARSHMALLOWS" with "Goodness" in the same font as "General Mills" in the white triangle.


  • Lucky is voiced by Arthur Anderson.


Same as before, except:

  • Lucky appears on the grass, next to the bowl.


Packaging consists of:

  • "sugar frosted" in a blue square on the left of the GM logo.
  • "Lucky Charms", still in yellow and below the blue square.
  • Lucky is tipping a spoon to make the cereal frosted.


  • 1969: Lucky Charms and Frosty O's (later to be discontinued and reintroduced to be called Frosted Cheerios) contain premium prizes, which are springies that bend. They are figurines of Bullwinkle and Rocky from 1959-1972 series Rocky and His Friends and The Bullwinkle Show, Underdog from the show named after him (both created by Jay Ward Productions) and Lucky (not a Jay Ward character). The commercial for this showed a boy and girl enjoying their Frosty O's and Lucky Charms and playing with the sprnigies of the said characters.
  • 1973: Around the World Breakfast Buddies toys are the prizes in Lucky Charms and Frosty O's. Two of them were Mr. Dix and Phileas Fogg. Some people might have heard it mispronounced as "Mr. Fix of Theis Bog".


Same as before, only Lucky is revised this time.


  • 1987: Swirled whale marshmallows were introduced for a limited time. The swirls are red white and blue, ala the Pepsi logo.

1988-1992, 2009-presentEdit

Packaging consists of:

  • Lucky sitting on the cereal name.
  • A rainbow with the marshmallows riding it.


  • 1989: Red balloon marshmallows were added.
  • 1991: Lucky Charms were introduced by Nestle in the UK. That packaging is the same as the one in the US, except the General Mills logo is replaced with the Nestle logo, which is the word "Nestle" in Helvetica font with the right hand vertical of the "N" extended over the other letters and an accent on the second "e".
  • 1992: Doug Preis is the voice of Lucky after Arthur Anderson retired as the voice of Lucky.
  • 1992: Rainbow marshmallows are added. The box has "NET WT 14 OZ (396 grams)" on it.
  • 2009: The packaging was re-introduced as a retro packaging, which can be available at Target.


Same as before, except Lucky is revised and the cereal name he's sitting on has a drop shadow.


Packaging consists of:

  • "Lucky Charms" placed on the top of the box.
  • Lucky has his hand stroking a rainbow, where the marshmallows are riding it.


Packaging consists of:

  • Lucky making a wise face to the guy who got his cereal.
  • On his left is a rainbow with marshmallows riding it.
  • On the bottom right of Lucky is "FROSTED WHOLE GRAIN OAT CEREAL WITH MARSHMALLOWS" in white.
  • Below that is "NET WT 14 OZ (396g)".


  • 1997-August 2003: Throughout the entire period, this one commercial aired, showing the kids chasing Lucky, who stops at the tip of a cliff. "But I wonder..." he says to himself, and allows the kids to name his marshmallow shapes. The commercial usually has Lucky saying "They can name them. Can you?" at the end.
  • 1999: There is a marshmallow, which is a moon with a face. Lucky comments that "they're me new man in the moon marshmallows!"

July 2003-2010Edit

Packaging consists of:

  • Beginning with this packaging and on, the "y" has a rainbow coming out.
  • The rainbow comes out of both of Lucky's hands.
  • The words "They're Magically Delicious!" appear overlapping the bowl.


  • July-December 2003: For the packaging's first year of use, the "They're Magically Delicious!" slogan was replaed with "NEW BIGGER MARSHMALLOWS", outlined in blue, with "NEW" and "MARSHMALLOWS" in white and "BIGGER" in yellow.
  • 2006-current: Lucky's newest catchphrases to say rather than just "always after me Lucky Charms", are "Marshmallow power!" and "The chase never stops!". "Marshmallow power" means that he uses the marshmallows in his cereal to:
    • The hourglass gives Lucky the power to control time.
    • The shooting star charm gives Lucky the power to make things fly.
    • The clover in the hat charm gives Lucky the power of luck.
    • The rainbow charm gives Lucky the power to travel from place to place.
    • The purple horseshoe charm gives Lucky the power to speed things up.
    • The pink heart charm gives Lucky the power to bring things to life.
    • The red balloon charm gives Lucky the power to float.
  • 2007-2008: For a very short period of time, next to Lucky is an open clapboard with the text "Create Lucky's Next MAGICAL MOVIE" with "Create Lucky's Next" in yellow and "MAGICAL MOVIE" in white. "NET WT 1 LB (16 OZ) (453g)", outlined red, is used on that box.
  • March 2008: As taken from a commercial break on Cartoon Network at that time, among other channels and their commerical breaks, the three kids have Lucky surrounded, but Lucky pops up from a tree stump. He runs away from the kids and uses the moon marshmallow to disappear. He uses the pot of gold marshmallow to glow up, showing a complete breakfast with Original, Chocolate and Berry Lucky Charms. After, he uses the heart marshmallow to "bring these trees to life!"
  • September 2009: A new variety of the charms were introduced. They were mini charms.
  • Serving boxes have "NET WT 13/16 OZ (23g)".


Many versions are used, as there are many variations of the marshmallows.

  • 2012?: Lucky rides his shooting star marshmallow with the words "LUCKY'S FLYING FAR WITH HIS (in yellow) SHOOTING STAR! (in a color that graduates from white to purplish-pink)".


Packaging consists of:

  • Lucky releasing a rainbow out of his hand.
  • The marshmallows are riding the rainbow.
  • The Lucky Charms logo is above Lucky.


  • March 2013: A limited edition variety was introduced for St. Patrick's Day, as the marshmallows were only green clovers.


Similar to the 2003 packaging, except:

  • Lucky is looking up at the rainbow.
  • "Lucky" in the logo is in the same width as "Charms".

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