Reese's Bites was a product of Hershey Foods Corporation (later renamed The Hershey Company in 2005) as part of HFC's Bites lineup. This product, and the entire Bites lineup were all discontinued due to a choking hazard. In 2004, a successor of this product called Reese's Swoops, chocolate covered Pringles with peanut butter icing on top, replaced the Bites version. The Swoops version was discontinued in 2006. In 2012, a brand new Reese's product, an unwrapped version of Reese's Miniatures nicknamed Reese's Minis, replaced the Swoops version as that version's successor. In 2013, the word "Bites" was brought back to only be used on Twizzlers Bites and Jolly Rancher Bites. As of 2014, Reese's PB cups, Reese's Pieces, Fast Break, Nutrageous, Sticks, and Crispy Crunchy are the base Reese's products to survive.

Late 1990s-2003Edit

Reese's Bites

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